Ingredients : Beeswax, Cocoabutter,Wheatgerm oil. Grapeseed oil, Almond oil,Virgin coconut oil, Sweet  Orange essential oil,

Weight     : 15g/0.52oz.



Vanaha’s luxurious lip balms are all natural ,organic and made with freshly extracted beeswax that is packed with nutrients to nourish, moisturise and protect your lips. The lip balms are therapeutic for the lips as they effectively work against any kind of pigmentation.
This lip balm is particularly made of pure, edible cocoa butter whose healthy fats prove ultra hydrating for the lips. Cocoa butter is an emollient which means that it forms a protective layer of hydration on your lips thus protecting them against sun damage and dryness.
Handcrafted with the finest cold pressed oils like wheatgerm, grapeseed oil,almond oil and virgin coconut oil plus natural butters like mango and cocoa, these lip balms are rich in antioxidants and vitamins A,C & E. Vanaha lip balms are sure to leave your lips super hydrated, protected and well nourished.

Usage: Take a small amount and spread over the lips. Use with clean and dry hands.

Ingredients : Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Wheat Germ oil. Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, Virgin coconut oil, Orange essential oil.

Weight: 15g/ 0.52 oz.


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