Ingredients : Shea butter, Cocoa butter ,Beeswax , Oils-Avocado , Virgin coconut ,Tamanu, Raspberry  seed ,Pomegranate seed , Argan , Rosehip , Seabuckthorn , Vitamin E ,Distilled water , Olivem 1000 , Iscaguard PFA ,Sandalwood essential oil.

Weight: 30g/1.05oz.




 Vanaha’s face cream is a unique blend of anti ageing oils , natural butters ,oils infused with skin lightening and brightening herbs and extracts of flowers. The Vanaha face creams are totally organic and  made in small batches to retain freshness.

The Sandalwood cream has the sandalwood essential oil known for its  numerous benefits, it has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti ageing properties. It is also known to cure acne, blemishes and evens out skin discolouration and uneven tans . The exotic scent completely calms and relaxes you.

This exclusive formulation works well against pigmentation, blemishes and brightens the complexion.

 USABILITY : Take a small amount of the face cream and massage on to your face in circular upper motion for 2-3 minutes till it gets absorbed .


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