Ingredients:  Almond meal, Honey, Mineral sugar, Almond oil, Neem, Liquorice .

Weight  :  40g/1.41oz.



This scrub is a blessing for dry skin, almonds and honey being the chief constituents of the scrub. Almonds , the healthiest nuts of all are rich in vitamin E, heals sun damaged skin, prevents wrinkles and moisturises the skin. Honey is naturally anti bacterial, extremely moisturising and full of antioxidants . This scrub cleanses the skin and leaves your skin well moisturised and radiant.

USABILITY : Wet face ,massage in circular, upward motion ,gently all over the face and lips. Leave it on for ten minutes ( preferably ) , rinse off with water and pat dry . The consistency of the scrub may be altered by adding a few drops of water / honey in a separate bowl.


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