Ingredients : Cocoa butter ; Mango butter ; Shea butter; Avocado oil ; Virgin coconut oil ; Tamanu oil ; Raspberry seed oil ; Pomegranate seed oil ; Argan oil ; Rosehip oil ; Seabuckthorn oil ;Beeswax ;Vitamin E oil ,Vanilla essential oil.

Weight   : 30g/1.05oz.



Vanaha’s face salves are a revolution in skin care, the all organic handcrafted product has been especially formulated for normal to dry skin. An ideal replacement for the creams bought off the shelves, the face salves are made with freshly extracted beeswax, natural butters and is a delicate blend of  anti ageing oils and nutrient rich oils like wheatgerm, tamanu, avocado, seabuckthorn, rosehip ,argan and  seed oils like pomegranate ,raspberry.

Also loaded with natural butters like cocoa, shea and  mango to supply the skin with all the vital nutrients. These face salves make an excellent primer before make up application thus protecting the skin from all the harsh chemicals. The salves work beautifully against tanning, pigmentation. The salves are enriched with anti ageing oils and natural butters that firms uplifts the skin and improves the skin tone and texture.

Cocoa butter in the salve is a great moisturizer and hydrates the skin very well leaving it soft and supple. The cocoa butter is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3,E & C. The Vanilla present in the salve is rich in antioxidants. It reduces fine lines wrinkles, age spots, it also prevents acne due to its anti bacterial properties thus promoting a healthy, glowing skin. The soft and sweet aroma of the cocoa vanilla salve makes you feel that it’s good enough to eat!

The salve is extremely therapeutic and replenishes the skin , leaving it well nourished, soft and supple.

Truly a manna for skin.

USABILITY : Take a thin film of the face salve and massage on to your face in circular , upward motion for 2 to 3 minutes till it gets absorbed.


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